Coconut Water and Why We're All Nuts About It

Coconut Water Company Comparison

one coconut water Since coconut water has gained popularity, a lot of new stuff is starting to come out on the market. There are all sorts of coconut oil and different beverages you can buy to take advantage of the health benefits. I have never tried the oils because I like to have it as a tasty beverage. Drinking water is just too boring for me. Even so, nobody can deny the coconut water benefits even though a few haters out there are trying to ruin it for everybody. For example, we have seen some claims that coconut water can decrease the possibility of cancer. I have no idea if this is true or not and my hunch says nobody else does, either. So, even though I wouldn't recommend it as a cancer cure, that doesn't mean it isn't still really healthy and good for you.

Coca Cola and Pepsi have both bought into companies that produce the great tasting drink. Goya has been making it forever. Meanwhile, Goya coconut water is yet another brand that has gained momentum. Coconut water generally is a very well-liked, trendy drink that a lot of celebrities, such as Madonna, like to have throughout a workout. It's also the most likely hydration beverage to see in the gym or to be recommended by a personal trainer.

Personally, I really doubt there is much difference from brand to brand. If you aren't into the trendiness and just want a good, inexpensive one then Goya is definitely the way to go. I also like that it has a lot of coconut flesh in it but many people don’t buy it for that same reason. It is all personal preference.

I went out and bought one of each over the course of a month to try them. If you aren't sure which to get then you could do the same. It won’t cost you more than ten bucks or so and you can find out which one you like best. Many companies also make flavored versions, many of which are great. I like it plain but I can be partial to the peach flavored coconut water Goya makes from time to time.

I have met very few people who try it and don’t like it. It is very mildly sweet, and if you get it plain it really isn’t all that different from regular water. That means it is a great substitute and maybe even better then the rest because you get all the electrolytes and vitamins.