Coconut Water and Why We're All Nuts About It

Coconut Water and Health Gains

Coconut water has been a popular beverage in some parts of the world for thousands of years or even more. India, for example, stands out as the largest exporter of coconut worldwide and it is a reasonably big business. Coconut juice is loved for its flavour, nutritional value, and other benefits daily all over the world.

coconut drinks Recently, coconut water benefits have gained attention in the United States. Somewhat without warning, coconut water has become a cool beverage famous people enjoy, say, during a workout. The general public have begun to catch on to the craze, too, and so have some significant soft beverage companies. Coca Cola and Pepsi have both purchased partial ownership of companies who manufacture and market coconut water. Many other companies have already been making the beverage already for a while.

Even though it is a bit trendy, coconut juice does offer nutritional value. It is full of electrolytes, which improve and benefit hydration, and it has tons of vitamins as well. This means it is a good water alternative and potentially a little more beneficial to drink specifically if you are doing so while engaging in physical exercise of some sort.

Personally, my favorite brand of coconut water up to now is Goya, who has been producing it for a number of years. I have not tried Coke or Pepsi’s versions of the product although I do have a bottle of Zico coconut water sitting in the refrigerator that I haven’t tried yet. The Goya version has a lot of coconut flesh in it which is what I love but some people aren’t so crazy about it. If you don’t like pulp in your orange juice you might want to try another brand because I actually chew the flesh in the Goya water, and there is quite a bit in there. I just swallow it down sometimes but once I did choke so I don't do that any more. I am totally serious about this.