Coconut Water and Why We're All Nuts About It

Can Coconut Beverages Really Cure a Hangover?

coconut water hangover Over the last few years coconut water has had a huge surge in popularity in the United States. Only a decade ago, the coconut industry (which is absolutely massive in some parts of the world) hardly even touched the United States. Folks in the U.S. either weren’t aware of it at all or just had no interest. I personally had never even heard of the stuff until maybe 4-5 years ago, when it was still largely unheard of but beginning to gain popularity in some circles.

As an example, physical trainers started suggesting it as opposed to water or Gatorade to stay hydrated during training regimens. If you are a health and fitness nut then you probably already know all about the benefits of coconut water. When celebrities like Madonna caught on to the trend it caught the eye of consumers, too. Health conscious Hollywood stars like Madonna were drinking it for its health benefits and eventually the media caught wind of the trend.

As coconut drink has caught on among more and more people, college kids have put their own twist on it and started to use it as a hangover remedy. Ironically, the same attributes that make coconut water a great hydration beverage also make it a great hang over remedy.

I have always been pretty skeptical of hangover remedies in general. I have never really felt like anything worked that great. Of course, some things definitely help but how much anything actually helps is debatable at best. There are some things that help minimize the agony after the fact but I have never really felt there was any reliable, tried and true “trick” or “secret” that could magically take away a hangover.

Coconut water is surprisingly no different. You won't go from toilet camper to repeat offender but you might feel a little better in an hour or so. However, it does help noticeably and that's why it got my attention. I drank one right before I went to bed and one the next day and I felt much, much better than I normally would have. I say its worth a shot - it works at least as good as any other “remedy” you could try.